What the Wrong Patent Licensing Candidate Can Teach You

Many of our clients start out looking for patent licensing and tech transfer candidates on their own. They find the process time-consuming and exhausting. It can be a day filled with one disappointment after another.

At the Vortechs Group we go through a rigorous screening process that involves an examination of the candidate’s hard and soft skills. We then measure both against our client’s requirements, and details we’ve been provided about the culture, so you’re assured that you will get a good group of qualified candidates.

But even those who don’t end up on your short list can have an effect on your search for the right one. Here’s what you can learn from the experience:


Culture Is Important

Sometimes a candidate can look great on paper and when you bring them in for an interview, you realize they aren’t a good match for your team. Don’t rely on qualifications and skills only. A bad fit can jeopardize moral and it’s not worth it.


Questions Reflect Interest and Abilities

A bad candidate won’t have any worthwhile questions for you or they’ll be self-focused. Asking questions about job duties are fine. Asking when they’d be eligible for a raise, not so much. Pay close attention to what a candidate asks. Are the questions thoughtful? Are they connecting the dots? You can read a lot by the questions job candidates ask.


What You Don’t Want in Patent Licensing

Most employers know the skills that are necessary to complete the job at hand but often there are other abilities that go unnoticed until you run into someone who doesn’t have them. For instance, if a candidate gets flustered because multiple things are going on before or during the interview and they seem easily stressed, they may not be a good fit for your department if it’s a busy office. Make notes of these sorts of differences as you become aware of them. If they affect the ability to do the job, add them to your job description or create questions around how they would deal with a situation.

If you’re tired of looking for the ideal candidate, stop. It’s a waste of your time screening and calling. Instead contact the Vortechs Group. We have extraordinary connections in the tech transfer industry and we can find you the perfect fit in a fraction of the time it will take you to compile a list of candidates.

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