Why You Don’t Want to Do Your Own Technical Recruiting

Every day we talk with some of the brightest minds in technology transfer and yet, they often come to us defeated because they aren’t able to find the ideal candidate for their office on their own. It’s not because they don’t have connections, or they don’t have the resources. It seems easy enough. They work at top research institutions. People are dying to get in the door but it’s hard. Really hard for people who don’t do this for a living.

Don’t waste your time as the head of a patent office or tech transfer department. You have many more pressing issues to attend to and we do it for a living.


Reasons You Don’t Want to Handle Your Own Technical Recruiting

There are a few things you should know about sourcing candidates and sometimes efficiency is more important than a hands-on solution.


Finding Good Candidates is Hard

Good candidates aren’t sitting around waiting for you to call. They’re also probably not applying for your job just because you posted it. The most in-demand candidates are working at great universities. At Vortechs we have relationships with these people, we know their ideal positions, and places they’d like to work. We call them even though they’re not actively looking for a job.


Recruiters Are Willing to Play the Bad Guys

Hiring has political ramifications. Sometimes you don’t want or need to be the heavy. Hiring a technical recruiter means you have someone else to deliver bad news, negotiate terms, and do those dastardly activities no one wants to touch.


People Tell Recruiters Things They Won’t Tell Employers

You’d be surprised what people share with us and it’s a good thing. Most job candidates see recruiters as a friendly assistant. They will tell us things they don’t think to mention in an interview but since we work for you, you’ll be sure to know the inside scoop.

Finally, the main reason you don’t want to do your own recruiting is that you have a department to run. You have goals to meet, relationships to build, and recruiting is a full-time job just in itself. You have to post a job, peruse resumes, make calls, set up appointments, answer questions from candidates, interview, negotiate terms, and those are just the basics.

Select a partner that can help you get your ideal candidate quickly. Every day you spend with a vacancy in your staff is eight hours of manpower and tasks left undone. Don’t increase that deficit by adding your own time into the mix.

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