Which Job Ads are Worth Your Time?

As a technology transfer, IT, or mainframe professional, you know what you’re searching for in a job. The hardest part is finding a position that meets your expectations.

There are a few things that you can look for in a job ad that will indicate that the company is serious about hiring and will be a good fit with your career objectives. Are you an employer? Take note because these are great ideas for attracting high caliber candidates too!

1. The Company

-What does the company do? Make sure that the company’s goals and projects align with your skills and ambitions.

-What does the company do well? It is one thing to know what the company actually does, but what they do well is a whole other indicator. Look for awards or rankings on top 100 lists to show what the company is achieving.

-What are current employees and company culture like? Employees’ accomplishments or special company perks are good indicators of a positive and productive environment.

2. The Job

-What background information and expectations are posted about the position? The description of the job and any pertinent background information should be clear. It should also catch your attention and make you want to know more.

-How unique is the opportunity?  Sometimes a position will give you good advancement opportunities or other benefits that make it stand out.

3. Skills

-What skills are necessary for success in the position? Look for details and must haves that show that the company knows what it is looking for in candidates. This description is an easy way to tell if you will fit in the role.

-Are there rigid requirements? Strict experience qualifications can be restrictive and may eliminate good candidates. When companies list a specific number of years in the field instead of skill level expectations, they may be short sighted in other areas too.

4. Qualifiers

-Are there serious qualifications? Sometimes minimums on experience or other factors are necessary when searching for high-level candidates. If you meet these requirements, it’s good to know and it can give you a leg up on your competition.

Have you found a company with great job ads? What did they do to catch your eye?

If you need help sifting through available positions and hiring companies, contact the Vortechs Group.

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