What Recruiters Want To See On Your Resume

Plus a sample so you can update yours right now!

At the Vortechs Group, we look at resumes all day long. Literally. Our job is to find the best candidate who has the right qualifications for each specific position and client, and we cannot do that if we cannot find the right information on your resume. So what are recruiters looking for? Here is our inside scoop on resumes and how to make sure you are presenting your best self on paper:

  1. Contact Information: This should be right at the top. We need your name, email, phone number, city and state, and your LinkedIn profile link.
  2. Relevant Experience: Your resume needs to have relevant experience. Your bullet points should reflect what you have done and how it relates to the job.
  3. Short Description of the Business or University: One or two sentences that briefly describe where you work will help put your role into context.
  4. Additional Experience: This does not need to be your entire work history, but can be positions that are related to tech transfer, commercialization, business development, research, or any other role that could be associated.
  5. Education: Your education section can also contain any certificates or trainings you have completed.
  6. Other Categories: Other categories you should consider including: Professional Memberships, Community Involvement, Highlight Projects, and Highlighted Skills
  7. We also like to see career progression: You don’t need to restate the place you worked each time if you have multiple roles. List the company or university once with all dates to the right side, and then put all your roles underneath it. See the sample resume below for the best way to do this.
  8. Formatting: The best practice is to list the business first in bold, city and state beside it, your role in italics and the dates right beside your role.
  9. What you don’t need: We don’t need to see any publications unrelated to tech transfer. As it relates to formatting, you don’t need fancy colors, pictures, or unreadable fonts. They distract from the key information you are trying to present. Also, no more than three pages, max. Two pages would be ideal.
  10. And do not forget to proofread! There should be no grammatical errors, keep your bullet points concise, and make sure your sections are consistent throughout the entire document. You may be a superb tech transfer candidate, but if you cannot pay attention to the small details on your resume, we may not consider you at all.

Download our sample resume here.

Do you have specific questions regarding your resume? We are here to help! Email our Career Coach at Kelsey@vortechsgroup.com.

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