Ways to Get Found in Intellectual Property Recruiting

The intellectual property recruiting field is small but extremely competitive. If you get noticed by a recruiter in that niche, you are more apt to hear about positions at the top universities and research facilities. These world-renowned institutions aren’t placing ads on Craig’s List. They’re selecting top-notch recruiters for retained search to find them the best candidates.

So how do you get their attention?

Catching the Eye of an Intellectual Property Recruiter


There are a number of ways to get noticed in today’s social media world. Here are our top suggestions:

Publish to LinkedIn and industry sites like AUTM and LES. Get your name, and thoughts, out in the industry. See yourself as a marketable commodity and act accordingly. Marketing ability is important in technology transfer so show us you already know how to market the most important thing in your career — yourself.

Position yourself to become an expert. Part of this you can do through publishing your content and thoughts on social media. Another way is to get quoted in traditional media. Subscribe to HARO (Help a Reporter Out) and see where you can lend your expertise. Also look for industry specific ways to shine, such as presenting at an AUTM conference or speaking at an entrepreneurial event in your community.

Let your network know you’re interested in new challenges. Good recruiters develop tight relationships with people and maintain active databases. When they find a position that fits with someone they’ve worked with in the past, they reach out to that person. Sometimes that individual is not ready to explore a new opportunity. In that case it is common for the recruiter to ask if they know anyone who fits the skill set and might be looking. If your network knows you’re open to the possibility, they will share the information with you and make the introduction.

Technology commercialization requires someone with strong marketing, networking, and relationship-building skills. Getting noticed in intellectual property recruiting is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways you can put your skills to work.


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