The True Cost of Vacancy on Your Team

Most of our clients don’t come to us first thing. Who wants to pay a recruiter, right? It’s so easy to find IP Licensing talent.

After a few months of exhaustive search and nothing to show for it, they call. I think for most of them there’s still a question in their mind – how are they going to find the right person? We couldn’t.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

It’s not easy for technology transfer people or university HR departments to find top talent, but it is easy for us. We’ve spent years cultivating relationships with top people in the industry. Most of those folks aren’t looking, so the only way you can get to them is to have an ongoing relationship with them. That’s the Vortechs secret of success and it’s hard to replicate.

But let’s talk about what’s happening inside your organization when you take on the burden of recruitment. It’s not a burden to us, it’s our job and we’re good at it. But for people who already have another position and responsibilities, it is a burden, a large one.

The Cost of Vacancy

There are a lot of ways to calculate what having an open space is costing you. Here’s a very good article about the exact costs of vacancy. In a nutshell, here’s what it’s doing to your team and your department:

  • Someone is picking up the work for the open spot. This leads to burnout.


  • Someone is not picking up the work for an open spot. This means your team is not able to do as much and the portfolio is suffering.
  • A savvy candidate may ask you how long it’s taken to fill the position. Just as you look at someone who’s been unemployed for a while and wonder what’s wrong, they will do the same by wondering why you haven’t filled it yet.
  • If you’re doing the recruiting personally, you’re probably struggling with meeting your responsibilities. You’re either doubling your efforts and working a lot of extra hours or you’re deciding to place some things on the back burner. Neither is of benefit to you in the long run.

If you have a space to fill on your IP Licensing team, before you tie up your own schedule, consider the cost of vacancy. Your time is worth a lot. We can help you get back to work.


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