The Top 10 Qualities of Leading Technology Transfer Professionals

Ask your friends and family at Thanksgiving if they understand what you do.

Look passed the blank stares, beyond the easily-relatable experiences of your policeman brother, and finally to the few, brave loved ones that drop a couple of key words that would make sense, if they were only in the right order (Sound familiar?). Let’s face it…technology transfer is not a normal (or recognizable) career path for most.

The reality is that the role of technology transfer in the innovation process is one of the best kept secrets to the common folk, your family included. It’s complex, hard to explain, and takes an uncommon kind of person to make it happen. We believe that it takes a special person.

The Vortechs Group is a connector between talent and opportunities in the technology transfer and early-stage innovation community. We are the group that you call when you are looking for someone to lead your next technology transfer initiative, or looking for your next opportunity.

Clients always ask us , “How do we know that you will find us the right candidate?” Our answer is always the same. We understand the qualities that a person needs to exhibit to succeed at this profession, because we understand the profession.

We realize that to “do” technology transfer effectively, you must draw on multiple technical, business, legal, and investment skill sets and experiences, and that you must mesh this with and plan for a future where approaches to technology transfer and innovation that are evolving in an emerging business, political, and global landscape. We think about this everyday.

Over the next few months, we will share these ideas through our The Top 10 Qualities of Leading Technology Transfer Professionals. These are the qualities that we look for in the professionals that we place. In each article, we will detail one quality and its importance to technology transfer.

Please comment on these qualities and share your own insights, opinions, and ideas on the future of the technology transfer professionals in the discussion area below. We will be collecting these ideas an sharing them with those that participate in the conversation.

Or, at very least forward them to your family so the have an answer for you at Thanksgiving!

A look ahead:
Quality #1: Pedigree

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