Top 5 Tech Transfer Requirements Needed for Success

At the Vortechs Group we’ve worked to place a lot of technology transfer professionals at some of the best research institutes in the country. We know what differentiates successful candidates from unsuccessful ones. Here’s what we’ve found are the critical job requirements for a tech transfer professional:

Most In-Demand Tech Transfer Requirements


Experience. There’s no getting around this one. Experience in the technology area, or experience on the other side in commercialization with large companies, is the most requested characteristic for job candidates. Either way, it’s something most employers are firm on.

Attention to Detail. From patents to IP, tech transfer professionals have to keep track of the details as they are critical to their jobs and the negotiation of contracts. A small thing like copyright or patent ownership can be a big headache down the line in the commercialization process.

Love of Diversity. Scientists and inventors are a diverse crowd. Tech transfer professionals must be willing to work with people of different backgrounds and interests.

Creative/Entrepreneurial Thinking. There is no formula (outside of the traditional return on investment calculation) when it comes to commercialization. Tech transfer professionals must look at projects from different angles while keeping the interests of multiple parties in mind.

Good Instincts. While this one is not something you can find on a resume, it is crucial to the success of technology transfer candidates. In tech transfer you represent the interests of the university, but must keep in mind the researcher/inventor and the company who plans to take the project public. Each has a very different vested interest and a great technology transfer person will keep them all top of mind. Possessing good instincts means understanding their viewpoints, interests, and fears and talking to each like they were the only ones you were dealing with.

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