The Power Behind Sponsored Research: Research Administrators

Achieving research sponsorship can often mean dealing with strict applications and project monitoring requirements, and the steps needed to meet these conditions can be time consuming and confusing for individuals seeking funding. Luckily, many universities and research institutions have offices staffed with experienced research administrators to help.

For example, Stanford’s Office of Sponsored Research provides support services for all stages of the funding process.  The office’s research administrators offer proposal development assistance, negotiation and acceptance help, and even efficient project monitoring.

The University of Connecticut Health Center’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs offers similar aid in order to allow researchers to focus on their projects rather than administrative burdens. Again their staff is full of Certified Research Administrators, who have both the education and experience to effectively assist with all aspects of research sponsorship.

If you are looking to join an organization as a research administrator, The Society of Research Administrators International (SRA) provides education and support. From webinars to certification programs and even international networking events, the SRA keeps research administrators connected in order to help the individuals they serve excel.

Clearly, the work that goes into successful sponsored research is a team effort and research administrators play a key role. Do you already have experience as a research administrator? Are you interested in breaking into the field and supporting researchers in an administrative role? The Vortechs Group can help you find a position where you can use your skills in the growing field of sponsored research.

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