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We recruit for some of the finest companies, universities and organizations in the world. We are seeking transformative candidates for careers in areas such as Technology Transfer, University Research, University Industry Partnership, IP & Innovation management and Patent strategy.

University of South Florida Licensing Managers – Physical and Life Science

There are two new Senior Licensing Manager Positions available. Each position will focus on identification, evaluation, protection, and commercialization of intellectual property that result from USF innovative research activities.  In order to capitalize on all research and development created within USF, the duties will be divided based on subject matter:  Senior Physical Sciences Licensing Manager…


Life Science Licensing Officer, Cornell University

The Technology Licensing Officer will be responsible for the management of a wide-ranging portfolio of technologies in the area of Life Sciences; working to commercialize inventions via license agreements and new start up companies. The position will be based at Cornell’s campus in Ithaca, NY. Key Responsibilities: Active solicitation and assessment of new inventions for intellectual…