Technology Licensing and Business Development Officer, Center for Technology Licensing at Weill Cornell Medicine

The Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) is Cornell University’s technology transfer office. They manage Cornell technologies from Cornell’s Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medicine (both in New York City and in Doha), Cornell Tech and the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva.

CTL’s mission is to bring the University’s scientific discoveries, technological innovations, and medical advances to the marketplace for societal benefit and to foster economic development within New York State and across the nation.

The Research Division, headed by the Vice Provost for Research, enables and advances the university’s research priorities as well as the research activities of Cornell colleges, schools, and research centers, institutes, and laboratories. This conglomeration of university administration, research services, and the advancement of academia is at the intersection that connects Cornell’s Extreme Talent, Radical Collaboration, and Results that Matter.

The Technology Licensing and Business Development Officer in Life Sciences will be a seasoned professional who will join CTL’s leadership team in New York City in a comprehensive technology commercialization and industry partnership program.   

Key Responsibilities:

Serve as the primary liaison to establish rapport relationship with faculty and research staff in designated research areas, including:

  • Help faculty and researchers crystallize inventive ideas and disclose inventions, tangible and copyrightable materials to the University.
  • Evaluate technologies in various stages of development for their technical novelty, commercial potential, and IP protection methodology.
  • Identify candidates that benefit from research collaborations before commercialization. Develop strategies for commercialization and industry partnership together with faculty and researchers, with feedback from industry advisors and marketing campaigns.
  • Explore and assist with potential startup company opportunities for inventors wishing to engage in entrepreneurship activities.

Continuously assess business needs in target industries by establishing and maintaining business development contacts with industry and the investment community, including:

  • Connect opportunities for commercialization and research collaborations with Cornell’s inventions and/or research programs.
  • Actively work with inventors and corporate outreach personnel.
  • Market technologies and research programs to advance the development of technologies, to targeted potential licensees and research sponsors/collaborators.
  • Follow industry trends and attend trade shows, engage with senior business development executives, and continuously assess industry needs for which Cornell research can be leveraged.
  • Connect technology assets or research programs and make value propositions to synergistic companies, entrepreneurs and investors. 
  • Collaborate with the innovation partnership group at Cornell for strategic relationships and engagements with industries and investors.  

Construct reasonable and fair financial deals for IP licenses, industry sponsored research agreements, and other related commercial agreements, including:

  • Negotiate terms and conditions for the IP license agreements with companies or startups to advance the development of products.
  • Structure, negotiate, and conclude complex deals, and contribute to the formation of strategies of the Center’s overall licensing and business development objectives. 
  • Communicate and work closely with the Center’s IP Officers regarding IP filing and patent prosecution strategies to best suit the commercialization plans.
  • Be creative in deal-making as well as adhere to academic principles, with the ability to handle complex transactions.


  • An advanced degree in molecular biology, biochemistry, protein chemistry and/or cell biology. 
  • 3-5 years of industry experience in business development and technology management experience in industry or in an academic technology transfer office.  (5-10 years preferred)
  • Proven ability to interact with a wide range of people in a professional and ethical manner, including faculty, students, business development professionals, and lawyers.
  • Prior experience interacting with venture capitalists and angel investors is a plus.
  • Excellent communication skills – listening, presenting, and writing – with proven sensitivity and ability to manage confidential information.

Interested candidates should email resume, deal sheet/past deals negotiated, and salary expectations to:                                   

Lisa Rooney


For more information, view the position specification.

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