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The Vortechs Group hosts the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) Techno-L Listserve. Techno-L is the largest and most longstanding email discussion forum designed especially for technology transfer professionals.

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To view the messages since June 2014 that are public in this forum to get an idea of the type of dialogue between Techno-L members, click here.

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After you subscribe, you may access the Techno-L archives. Please note: At this time, the archive only goes back as far as June 2014. Log in using the same email address and password you used to subscribe to Techno-L.

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As a result of this new hosting relationship, technology transfer professionals will be able to continue sharing information and opinions, and asking questions of fellow practitioners in the field. The Vortechs Group encourages you to use this forum responsibly and respectfully to communicate and post success stories, technical questions, upcoming events, or anything you care to share with the rest of the technology transfer community.

For questions or assistance accessing Techno-L, please contact Glen Gardner, President, Vortechs Group Inc., at (614) 899-6696 x100 or