A Technical Recruiter is the One Person Who Can Solve This Problem

On this blog we often talk about why hiring a technical recruiter makes sense in technology transfer. It saves you time and brings the best of the hidden job market to your doorstep. But there’s also another benefit that people don’t often like to ask about. It can be embarrassing and awkward, like admitting a family secret. But how you and your department choose to handle it can make a difference in your career longevity.


I’m referring to office politics.


Navigating the Sea of Office Politics

Most universities, and companies for that matter, must post internally for all positions even if you know you’re looking for a different set of skills than what you currently have. You’re obligated to “entertain” internal candidates even though you know they’re not a good fit. You have even greater issues if the person who applies is a favorite of someone with lots of connections.

This is why it’s hard to handle. It gets awkward admitting the situation and even more awkward when you think of how you’re going to tell those involved that you’re looking elsewhere. Technical recruiters are used to this. We would be surprised if there weren’t connections that needed to be tiptoed around.


How a Technical Recruiter Helps

A recruiter provides you with a slate of candidates and you’re able to say you’re just doing your due diligence in making sure every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed.

After the slate is presented and interviews begin, recruiters also act as a buffer between you and the candidates. Once you’ve selected to work with a recruiter to help you with sourcing, all candidates – including the internals – go through them. This means they take over candidate communications, taking that off of you.

Since recruiters present the slate, communicate with candidates, present terms to the candidates, and help negotiate the terms you can be as removed from the appearance of the process as you’d like. Of course you’re the one making the decisions, but your technical recruiter is the visible one. In the case of the Vortechs Group we also provide candidate assessments, which can be used to navigate the political seas as well.

Don’t get pressured into hiring someone you don’t think will be a good fit. Technical recruiters can act as your hired hand and help ensure you get the candidate that best suits your department’s needs.

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