Tech Transfer Partnerships: Beneficial in Any Industry

Technology transfer is a major part of many different industries. Everything from practicing medicine to tracking the deer population relies on innovation and research. This incorporation of new technology often leads to partnerships between organizations that share interest in a field.

For example, the University of Notre Dame is partnering with the Cleveland Clinic to improve its medical research.  The school hopes that this cooperation will help it to understand what technologies to focus on and how to make its research marketable.  However, the Cleveland Clinic is also benefiting because it will have early access to products that will improve patients’ lives.

Similarly, Mississippi State University (MSU) and NBFog, an outdoors company, are working together to develop new products. The partnership began in 2010 when NBFog licensed BuckScore, a software used to estimate a white tail deer’s age and antler score, from MSU’s Deer Ecology and Management Lab.  BuckScore was recently chosen as the Outdoor Channel’s official scoring system and now both groups are eager to grow the brand.

These collaborative efforts will ultimately help both researchers and the industries they support. They are an excellent example of how technology transfer can positively impact the market.

Are you familiar with partnerships between industry leaders and researches that are exceptionally successful? Maybe you’ve formed a lucrative partnership? What makes these cooperative ventures work?

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