Technology Review / Audit

There are a reported 18,000 current products inspired by university technology and an estimated 50,000K disclosed technologies accruing every year! It’s an arduous task, even in fully staffed offices, to manage current license agreements, to stay on top of royalty collection, and to manage uncommercialized technologies in your portfolio.

Our Technology Review/Audit experts can can focus in three key areas to insure that you are maximizing value from both executed and non-executed intellectual property:

  • Un-executed portfolio review: Using multiple technology value assessment approaches, our experts will help you organize your current portfolio and enact a strategy to waive, develop, or market your IP
  • Audit of executed licenses: Thorough, external review of your executed agreements and a report that grades licensees, summarizes current account statuses, and  identifies opportunities to recover unrealized payments
  • Collections and settlements: Our experts can work with licensees on your behalf to put a collection/settlement plan in place to recoup unrealized payments or renegotiate/amend agreements

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