Technology Marketing Material

A successful technology marketing approach positions the the technology in the context of industry need and potential commercial value. Our experts will use their experience in marketing and commercializing technologies to prepare non-confidential marketing documents for selected technology/technologies.

Our process generally involves:

1) Research and internal review for technology marketing document

  • Brief conversations with technology managers, appropriate investigators
  • Research of expert sources, market databases, comparable technologies

2) Creation of technology marketing document

  • The technology and its potential benefit;
  • The research behind the technology;
  • Market size; IP status; and How to acquire rights to the technology.

3) Delivery of technology marketing document

  • Store document in a central location accessible by appropriate staff
  • Position on selected platforms (social media, web site, IP newsletters)
  • Optional sharing through expert networks of commercial and investment partners

Contact us to discuss how our Technology Marketing Material consultants can assist your program.