Strategic Marketing Planning

Wondering why the phone isn’t ringing or why there is a lack of buzz around your program and innovations? Our Strategic Marketing Planning experts will lead an external assessment of your marketing and communications initiatives and interject new approaches and strategies that will get you back in the news.

Here are just some of the areas that we can focus on in your strategic marketing plan:

  • Internal communication: Establishing a campus communication strategy to faculty, students, and administration through existing or new communication channels
  • External marketing: Determining and integrating primary and secondary marketing approaches and materials for external stakeholders and partners. This also includes larger PR practices to sustain coverage in local, national, and international platforms
  • Scheduling and Staffing: Process review of communication–conception through delivery– including scheduling and staff allocation
  • Website Development: Website review, content and structure development, and feedback through focus groups (eye-tracking, scenarios, etc.)
  • Newsletters and Reports: Development, scheduling, and release of internal and external newsletters and office reports

Contact us to discuss how our Strategic Marketing Planning consultants can assist your program.