Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming a primary vehicle for effective communication, marketing, network expansion, and information gathering for technology transfer operations. Our Social Media experts are well-versed in social media tools (like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, SEO, blogging) and can use this media to support your office success by leveraging its benefits, including:

  • Communicating and marketing: Get you program and technologies in front of peers and potential partners by setting up and running successful social media campaigns, and ongoing communications. Our experts can also incorporate their existing networks to spread your message to new territory
  • Gathering information on technology, industry, and partners: Social media is also a place to identify information and data that can be used to propel initiatives and commercial and investment partnerships. Our experts will scan and report back on relevant conversation.
  • Virtual presence: If you don’t manage your image, someone else will. Our experts will maintain a presence for you program in peer networks. In addition to communication, image management, and awareness, this activity can also bring you your next great idea or employee
  • Crowdfunding project marketing: We break this out because crowdfunding is quickly emerging as a viable source of funding for technologies and start-ups. This form of funding is unique in that it requires the engagement of many around projects. Social media becomes the primary marketing vehicle to spread the word on these projects. While it might not make sense to hire a full time employee to build and manage these campaigns for your institution, using one of our experts will ensure that your projects are positioned for success

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