Commercialization Process Engineering

Technology transfer is rapidly advancing through the introduction of new tactics, advanced procedures, and a better understanding of historical successes. Our Commercialization Process Engineering consultants are well versed in best practices and emerging tactics, and provide an external, unbiased, experience-based approach to integrate strategies and solutions into your commercialization processes.

Our Commercialization Process Engineering consultants specialize in four procedural  areas:

  • Invention Disclosure And Review: Analyze current office policies and procedures relating to IP management against global best practices and local legal rules and business mores and customs. Our experts have built systems to encourage invention disclosure, to manage expectations of inventors, and to secure the integrity of intellectual property before and after it enters the commercialization process
  • Patent Strategy And Prosecution: Identify opportunities or barriers to patentability, assess hi-value patent strategies, protect and realize value from existing patent portfolio. Our experts have years of experience in patent law, IP value mapping, and other creative approaches to patent strategy and portfolio management
  • Technology Assessment: Evaluate the patentability and commercial potential of reported technologies. Our experts are well-versed in sophisticated assessment processes and tactics like “gate” systems, iterative/lean innovation, scorecards, external review board structures, etc
  • Commercialization/Partnership Agreements – Develop partnership structures, deal terms, and legal agreements for the transfer of technology to the private sector, investors, and government agencies. Our experts have personally structured licensing agreements, sponsored/industrial research projects, and investment deals between these groups and are on top of historical and emerging agreement options

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