Office Systems

A well-implemented and integrated office software system and web presence can create efficiency and expand technology transfer office capability. Our Office Systems consultants are knowledgeable in implementing the following the systems:

IP Management Systems

IP management systems are essential to track invention development and patent progress, monitor and collect revenue and maintain a permanent record of the entire process.  These systems, either developed internally or leveraged through an external vendor (like Sophia, Thomson and Inteum)are used by the administrative staff to record and monitor invention, patent, and licensing activity and to automate certain processes, including billings, correspondence and management reporting.

Contact Management Systems

Contact Manangement Systems are meant to store, categorize, and manage partner and client relationships. These systems can be used to communicate messages, manage contact and deal cycles, and expand relationship data

Web Interfaces/Content Management Systems

Some offices have made the strategic to grow their websites from a communication presence into a strategic platform. These interfaces bring together communication, office data systems, express licensing, and client relations into a single system 

Based on your needs, our experts will use the following process to implement solutions:

  • review of the current system, database (if any) or any investigations of alternatives to-date
  • analyze system requirements and customizations (interface, integrations, reporting, etc.)
  • assess the relative merits of commercial products versus an internally-built or modified solution
  • recommend optimal solution to work within the client environment
  • assist with implementation, vendor communication, or internal development

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