Gap Funding

Many universities and affiliated organizations are putting gap funds in place to provide capital to promising technology and start-ups. These gap funds are in response to fleeting forms of traditional capital (venture, angel) and help further evaluate and develop translational research, proof of concept technology, and start-ups.

Vortechs has partnered with innovosource, through its Mind the Gap initiative, to assist current and aspiring fund managers and stakeholders in the formation and development of gap funds. Innovosource is the resource for university gap funding that regularly tracks over 100 university gap funding program and works with the technology transfer community to inform, advocate, and connect partners interested in these capital vehicles.

Depending on your needs, innovosource can assist your gap fund program development with:

  • Gap Fund Program Development: Whether you are starting a fund or developing an existing program, we create a specialized report that incorporates tactics and data from a set of identified, peer institutions to uncover strategic insights and direction for you program. This can include emerging approaches (university crowdfunding, student funds) or gap fund support programs (entrepreneurs in residence, faculty enrichment, review committee formation, marketing)
  • Stakeholder and Staff Development: Spend a day or two with your staff and stakeholders. We will present findings tailored to your organization, and then meet with other stakeholder groups. The goal of this effort is to inform and create momentum surrounding gap funding initiatives for your organization. (In-person, or virtual)
  • Reporting and Benchmarking: Everyone is concerned with measuring and reporting the effectiveness and impact of initiatives — gap funding programs are no different. We have crafted a unique set of impact measures that align with the mission of your organization, so that you can clearly demonstrate (to leadership and stakeholders) your fund’s role in driving the organization’s priorities
  • Engagement Events: We will deliver personalized events that display your gap deals or needs to interested parties (In-person or virtual) through our corporate and investor network

Contact us to discuss how to you can work through our innovosource partnership to develop your gap funding program.