[FILLED] Director of Student Affairs – Masdar, UAE

Got a passion for sustainability, and an undeniable sense of adventure? Looking for that career growth position? Want to build a Student Affairs organization from the ground up?

I’ve got the perfect spot for you that reports directly to the Provost.

You can be a part of building a new Technology University and the greenest city in the world in partnership with MIT.

First, a little background:

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is creating a new city in Abu Dhabi.  The city, called Masdar, will rely entirely on solar and other renewable energy sources, and will be built with a sustainable, zero carbon, zero waste ecology.  Masdar will be home to 50,000 people and 1,500 businesses, primarily commercial and manufacturing facilities focusing on environmentally-friendly products.  In partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), they are also creating a new science and technology university within the city called the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.

Watch this to find out more about the Masdar Initiative: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovly1dQGKH4

Here’s where you come in:

We’re working with the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology to help them find talented people to make a move to Masdar and work at the university. Specifically, we’re looking for a Director of Student Affairs who can support the institute’s approach to living and learning.

Compensation is commensurate with experience, along with a generous housing allowance, tax benefits and other great benefits.

Specific duties include:

  • Managing and supervising student activities at both the pre-masters and graduate levels.
  • Managing the staff of the Student Affairs Office.
  • Interacting actively with students, faculty, administrators, and staff.
  • Organizing student activities including orientation programs, student government and student clubs, and student publications.
  • Managing student support programs, like student housing, career services, counseling service, and internships both local and abroad.
  • Overseeing athletic programs including athletic facilities.
  • Developing policies, rules and procedures related to student life.

You must have extensive previous experience in student affairs in an academic setting.

Interested? Send your resume.