Our Recruiting Process

1. Research

  • Opportunity Assessment – Before the search activity begins, we will conduct an extensive interview with the appropriate people, including the hiring manager and others who will be able to provide insight into the opportunity and the type of person being sought to join the team.   Our objective is to gather a complete profile of the job specifications from the leadership. This “needs analysis” gives us information beyond just the skills necessary, including the vision, character, chemistry, and type of achiever your team desires.  Details of the interview process and compensation/benefits for the position will also be discussed.  Potential prospects and industries to pursue will be agreed upon so that a sourcing strategy can be implemented.
  • Search Collateral Material – We refine the job description; create introduction/networking letters and job posting materials.
  • Candidate Research – Our research team will begin creating a list of individuals that will be contacted as both prospects and referrals. This is done with our proprietary database, LinkedIn, and industry specific websites. We encourage clients to direct us to people and companies they would like us to target.

2. Candidate Prospecting/Screening

  • Initial Contact – Confidentially, we will contact prospects and referral sources to gather interests and qualifications.
  • Phone and or Skype Interview – All prospects will be interviewed. We will investigate each candidate’s drivers behind making a job change, as well as clarify technical expertise, professional experience and compensation expectations.
  • Questionnaire – After the initial phone interview, candidates fill out a short questionnaire, which serves three purposes; first, it shows commitment from the candidate, it serves as a writing sample, and it answers key questions that the hiring team will want to know. We base this questionnaire on what is important to your office, but you can view a sample one here.
  • Third Party Profiles – If desired, Vortechs will administer any profile instrument that you request for your top candidates. We have extensive experience with DiSC / TriMetrix profiles. You can view a sample TriMetrix profile here. If you choose any other profile (Myers Briggs, Emotional Intelligence, Pradco), we can administer those as well.
  • Candidate Profile – For all candidates the client will interview, a candidate profile is prepared. Candidate profiles include: resume/ summary of professional experience, overall evaluation, and reason for openness to job change, questionnaire, and other pertinent information. This candidate profile will be sent to the hiring team for feedback
  • Our goal is to provide a diverse slate of 5-8 candidates matching the requirements.

3. Interviews with Client

  • Candidate Phone (or Skype) interview – A one-hour phone interview with the client is arranged.
  • Candidate Interview Debrief – The candidate will be debriefed to gauge interest and viability. That information will be provided to the client.
  • Client Debrief – After the candidate has been debriefed, we confer with the client to gauge interest in the candidate.
  • In Person Interviews – After the phone/initial interviews are completed, the client will select a short list of people for in-person interviews. The client’s team will interview each of the final candidates. After this round of interviews, we will obtain feedback from the candidates and support the hiring team in determining which candidate best fits the needs of the organization.
  • Candidate Interview Feedback – Oftentimes, you will have several different groups of people interviewing each candidate. If requested, we will collect and distribute the interview feedback forms for the Search Committee. See one of our sample interview feedback forms here.
  • Client and Candidate Communication – We will remain in contact with the candidates and client throughout the process to keep everyone informed and maintain professionalism with the candidates.

4. Offer/Follow-up

  • Formal Reference Checks – With all high priority candidates, we conduct formal reference checks to gain more insight/information from outside parties.
  • Background Checks – We recommend all candidates be subject to a background check. Checks can be performed by Vortechs or obtained by the client’s human resources team.
  • Offer Negotiation – We will provide the client compensation information based on market trends/job analysis available and compensation expectations from the candidate. Typically, compensation has been addressed early in the process, and we have found that if compensation is addressed early in the recruiting process, there are no surprises at the later stage.
  • Offer Presentation – Typically, Vortechs will present the offer to the candidate. We have found that there is a smoother transition when the client and candidate are not forced to discuss monetary issues, but that is up to the client.
  • Offer Letter/Employment Agreement – We help ensure all documents are signed and a start date is established.
  • Post Search Client Interview – This interview is to gain feedback from the client on our process and to request a written testimonial. This interview is crucial as we look to improve our process. Our goal is to become long term partners with our clients.
  • Post Search Follow-up – We conduct follow up interviews with each placed candidate, typically at 30 and 90 days following the start date. We will communicate the spirit of those meeting back to client as a means to ensure a smooth transition.

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