Our Placement Process

Our Process is Focused on Finding the Perfect Match.

Here are the steps we walk through to find the best fit between candidates, companies, and technology transfer jobs.

  • Resume – It all starts when you send us your resume. We’re looking for people who have proven track records, stability, and domain expertise in technology transfer and commercialization. We also like to see notable clients and projects. For tech transfer candidates, we’re impressed by your deal sheet. For examples, read our blog post on the benefits of a deal sheet.
  • Interview – We’ll talk with you, either in person or via phone (sometimes both), about your experience. We will ask about your skills, what about the opportunity is of interest to you, how does this position fit in with your long-term goals, what you’re looking for in a work environment, and about your location preferences.  Learning these types of things about you helps us find the client that will work best for you. We work to find the best fit for each individual organization and person.
  • Questionnaire – After the initial phone interview, candidates fill out a short questionnaire, which serves three purposes; first, it shows commitment from the candidate, it serves as a writing sample, and it answers key questions that the hiring team will want to know. We base this questionnaire on what is important to our clients, but you can view a sample leadership questionnaire and a sample licensing manager questionnaire.
  • Matching and Placement – If there’s a position that matches your needs and skills, we’ll work to help you get it. We handle everything from setting up initial interviews to salary and relocation negotiations.
  • References – Depending on the HR policies of our client, we will either check references before or after the in-person interview. Occasionally, we will ask for informal references earlier in the process.
  • Third Party Profiles – We can help you discover your areas of strength by using third party profiles, such as DiSC/TriMetrix, Myers Briggs, Emotional Intelligenc, and Pradco. If selected as a top candidate for a company, we may administer one of these personality assessments. You can view a sample TriMetrix report here.
  • Ongoing Relationship – Keep in mind, we strive to find a position for every candidate but we can’t always find it right away or for everyone. We offer a debrief with all candidates not chosen for the role. Since clients rely on us to make the perfect matches, our process can often take some time. However, once you are placed, we like to keep you in our network, so don’t be surprised if we check in from time to time.