Our Connections Span Decades…And Generations

The other day, one of the very first people we placed 21 years ago reached out seeking advice as her son graduated from college. It got us thinking, and reflecting, on why our connections are so powerful, and the importance of staying in touch with recruiters.

Being recruiters, we will talk to thousands of people a year. Even though we don’t place every single person who reaches out, we do have a long list of resources and connections ourselves that we share with people. Finding the perfect fit for our clients is important to us, but so is fostering relationships. You may think recruiters only work for their clients, but keeping in touch with our candidates is just as important. Here are some resources we can offer you as the job seeker:

Career Resources: We have been doing this a long time, so we have developed resources to help you make sure you’re presenting your best self to employers. We can help you with cover letters, interviewing skills, and our most common resource…

Resume Reviews: Even if we don’t think you’re a fit for the job, we will review your resume for you so it’s easy to read and to make sure you are marketing your skills correctly.

Personalized Attention: Everyone we talk to has a different career path, different needs, and a different job history. We recognize that and tailor our conversations to what is most important to you.

This Blog: Our blog focuses primarily on Tech Transfer, but there are many blog posts you can utilize to grow in your career, such as updating your resume, interviewing tips, developing “soft” skills, and many more.

Connections in other fields: Although we no longer do IT recruiting, we still have connections in the IT field. Recruiters can also put you in touch with other recruiters who might be able to meet your needs better than we can.

Recruiters love it when you reach back out, even two decades later! So don’t be afraid to contact us for any and all career advice; Even if we can’t help you, we most likely can point you in the right direction.

Here’s the email chain that inspired this post…even if it’s been years since you’ve reached out, we want to hear from you, too.

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