Office Politics Getting Hard to Navigate? You Need a Technology Transfer Recruiter.

The phrase “office politics” describes the wrangling and maneuvers people use to get ahead. It can also speak to “sacred cows” people or ideas that can’t be touched because of protected relationships, or other reasons. These unexploded career time bombs can be difficult to navigate, particularly if you are a hiring manager. A technology transfer recruiter can help.

As a hiring manager, you may be told indirectly you need to hire a candidate you’re not very excited about. Or you could be asked to find someone that fits a particular mold, when you want something very different. Saying no can limit your advancement or hurt your reputation as a team player.


Reasons to Work with a Technology Transfer Recruiter

In political situations it’s often easiest to bring in a recruiter. Here’s why:


Recruiters Don’t Have “Sacred Cows”

Let’s say your higher ups have presented you with the type of candidate they want, or maybe they have selected someone primed for advancement. Instead of telling them no directly, bring in a recruiter. This person can present a slate of candidates you are thrilled with. Hopefully, after your executives see the potential in this amazing slate, they’ll let go of their preferred candidate or their thoughts about the right fit.

A technology transfer recruiter can recruit outside of the directions from your board or management if you think that’s what it will take to find the ideal candidate. Recruiters don’t have the same sacred cows your higher-ups do. They’ll bring you an impressive slate of the type of candidate you want to see and then they can always plead the…


Recruiters have the “I Didn’t Realize that Card”

If you directly recruit outside of what you’ve been told, that’s insubordination. When a recruiter does it, at your request, that’s problem solving.

Often boards and executives place more value in what people who do this for a living suggest than what their own people do. For instance, if you believe the ideal candidate needs more experience than what they are supporting, having a recruiter back you up and suggest more experience, may help validate your ideas to your board.

Recruiters aren’t a part of the establishment so there’s a certain amount of leeway they are given. “I didn’t realize that” is an acceptable excuse from them but not from you to your board. Plus, recruiters are experts in the field of hiring. Execs love advice from experts.


Recruiters Can Get You Out of a Sticky Situation

If the powers that be have selected an internal candidate that you’re not sold on yet, and you still need to post it externally as part of your hiring process formality, a recruiter can provide a slate of candidates you’ll be happy with. But that still doesn’t get you out of the sticky situation of selecting someone from the slate. Recruiters have testing and analysis that can be done to find the perfect fit. It’s objective and operates outside of office politics. The results can be presented to your board or executives as proof that someone from the outside may be a better choice in this situation.


Have you ever had to negotiate a political hiring situation? We have and we can help.

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