New Employee Welcome Basket: Making Them Feel Part of the Team From Day One

You’ve been through the hiring process. You found someone who has the expertise, knowledge, and experience you need. The contract has been signed, and their first day has finally arrived. You knew the steps to take throughout the hiring process…but you can’t forget about one final, important step: The New Employee Welcome Basket.

Starting in a new office can be intimidating, but when you create a welcoming environment from day one, it sets your new employee up for success in the long run. Though you don’t need to necessarily put all these in a “basket,” it’s a good idea to create a welcome kit that has all the essential information and welcoming goods to make your employee excited about their new role at your company. Here are 7 things you can include and do to make your employee feel part of the team from the start:

  1. Names and photos of their colleagues. Print out a handout with names, contact information, and photos of everyone in your office, as well as key people they will work with throughout your university or company. It is always helpful to put names with faces, and it will make your current team members more approachable.
  2. An organization chart. Showing your new employee in a chart form how the company is organized will help them learn the key players.  It is also good to write down responsibilities of each department, so that if they have questions they know who to ask.
  3. Local goods. If your new employee is moving from a different state, local goods will help them get to know their new community.  Consider purchasing gift cards and small goods from local businesses, and include a list of fun things to do so they can explore the shops, parks, and attractions in their new town.
  4. Branded work attire. Provide your new employee with a company polo, mug, and pens with your logo on it.
  5. Lunch on the first day. If you can take your new employee out for lunch or have lunch catered in, lunch time is a great way for your new employee to get to know everyone in a casual setting. It is also nice so that they do not have to figure out what they are going to do for lunch on their first day.
  6. Speaking of lunch: Restaurants and other important businesses nearby. Create a booklet of restaurants nearby, and other businesses you work with in the area. You could also go the extra mile and include coupons or a gift certificate to these places, as well as the distance from your location so they know if they can walk or need to drive.
  7. Make sure everything is set up and ready to go when they arrive. Nothing is worse than arriving for your first day of work and not being able to use your company computer, or phone, or any other system that your business utilizes. Setting everything up beforehand will make sure that their first day is not wasted.

The week before they start, you should also send an email with parking logistics, time you expect them to arrive, a first day schedule, and any other important information. Happy employees lead to higher productivity and better outcomes, so these small gestures will go a long way in helping your employee, and your company, thrive.

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