Why You Need an Employee Onboarding Program in Tech Transfer

Do you know someone who always makes you feel welcome no matter how intrusive your presence might be? It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? It makes you want to stay and spend time with them. It also makes you incredibly loyal. If they needed anything, you would find a way.

That’s why employee onboarding programs are so important. You want that new employee to feel valued from the moment she walks in the door. Being part of a licensing or tech transfer department is stressful and can place you at odds with people in the university when things don’t go their way; that’s why it’s nice to feel welcomed in a new department.


What Employee Onboarding Does for Your Employee and IP Department

Makes Them Feel Welcome

A new employee is likely very excited about your organization, after all, she just left a job for you. She may have made her former boss angry when she left. She may have disappointed colleagues. She may have even moved her family across the country for you, so it’s important you make her feel at home immediately. Otherwise, there’s a chance she will second guess this decision.

Builds a Relationship Culture

Onboarding also illustrates how important relationships are to your organization. You are taking time out of your schedule to ensure a solid foundation for your new employee. This is leadership by example and does more than make her feel welcome. It sets a tone for the importance of people, something that plays a big role in commercialization.

Introduces Stakeholders Early On

A proper onboarding program introduces new employees to their stakeholders. This gives them a better appreciation for their position in the organization and the important people in their future success.

There’s a lot involved in bringing on a new employee. While an onboarding program is of the utmost importance, you also need to make sure you are ready for your employee the first day she gets there. Nothing makes an employee feel less welcome that not having a physical spot, computer, or office peripherals.

You’ve invested much in this person. Make sure she feels valued. It’s a lot easier to start from a place of happiness and continue to build on that than it is to try and rebound from a bad first impression.

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