How to Land Top Talent in IP Licensing

The field of IP Licensing is close knit and competitive. Attracting top talent is easy enough if you have a good culture and strong department, but how do you ensure that once you pique a candidate’s interest that they’ll choose to come work for you?

The thing about top talent is that they’re not often looking so it’s essential to work with a recruiter that has an in. Recruiters spend years building relationships with the best and brightest in the field. When a dream job comes along, they call on these stars and present it. Often, because of the relationship, the non-seeker will allow the recruiter to give them more information. Then the non-seeker begins to think about the opportunity and before long you’re scheduling an interview.


The Dark Side of Top Talent and Acing the Courtship Process

However, while an interview may be easy enough to land when there are strong relationships involved, this frequently causes the candidate (who wasn’t looking) to start entertaining other opportunities as well. This is why it’s incredibly important to give some thought to how you will make a good impression and avoid common pitfalls in the courting process.


Money Now, Not Later

One of the things recruiters can clear up right away is the money question and it’s important you do so early. The last thing you want is to be playing in different ball parks. Save yourself the heartbreak and make sure you and the potential candidate are in the same range before either of you gets too interested in the other. No one should feel like their time has been wasted because this crucial question was not addressed early in the process.


Who Will Be Your Forward Face?

Your interview team is crucial. While your organization’s reputation will get the candidate in the door, your interview team will quickly become the face of your culture. Is this team a good representation of the department in which the candidate will be working and do its members have the soft skills necessary to woo this top talent while ensuring they are a good fit for the department as well?


Be Honest with Your IP Licensing Recruiter

Of course you’re always honest in your business relationships, but what your recruiter needs most from you at this point is blatant honesty. The kind of honesty you save for your closest friends. What did you love about the candidate? What might be an issue with the culture of your department? No matter how trivial the issue, bring it up. Your recruiter can help you walk through your thoughts and may have an even better fit for you. But your recruiter won’t know your misgivings if you don’t share them.

While it’s tempting to speak in generalities because you think it’s nicer, being direct is best. It’s what improves the quality of your candidates because the recruiter has an even clearer pictures of what you need.

Finally, keep in mind top talent is in demand. Often candidates are fielding multiple offers or interviewing with several organizations. If you like someone, let them know. Don’t play coy. You don’t want to lose out because a candidate thinks, you’re just not that into her.

You also don’t want to lose a great candidate to another organization who is able to make a faster decision. If you like someone, if they’re a good fit for your organization, move on it. Even if you don’t have the details of an offer ready, tell the recruiter one is coming. That way your Mr. Right won’t move on thinking you’re not interested.

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