How to Access the Best Tech Transfer Job Candidates

As someone looking to fill a position in your commercialization department, you can log onto LinkedIn and post a job. You can also post on technology transfer specific sites like AUTM and LES.

Then you wait.

What Are You Waiting For?

You’re waiting for applicants to see your job listing and apply. You are reaching a group of people known as active job seekers. This is someone who is looking for a new position for a reason. Maybe they are relocating, maybe they need to make more money, maybe there’s no room for growth in their current position, or maybe they don’t get along with their managers. These are all common reasons to be looking for a job and they are all fine folks but….


Unlock the Best Commercialization Candidates

People who have been in the technology transfer recruiting business have an advantage over HR departments or individuals like you who have a hundred other things on your plate. We have access to something known as the passive job candidate. This is someone who is perfectly content in their current job. They’re not looking for a new role.

They will never see your posting because they aren’t looking. Yet they might be perfect for your commercialization position. It’s a shame, really, that you have no way of reaching them.

But we do.

A recruiter who specializes in placing people in technology transfer offices knows the people in the field. We have relationships with the most accomplished and the brightest. We can find these passive job seekers and talk to them about your position.

That’s how you land your ideal candidate. You get in front of someone who is already gainfully employed and happy, but maybe you’re offering them an opportunity they don’t currently have or you’re located in a city where they’ve always wanted to live. We know this information because we have relationships with them. It’s not a cold call we’re making. We already know details about their lives and preferences that aren’t on LinkedIn.

Just as a personal relationship can land you a license agreement, so can the personal relationship of your recruiter and the passive job candidate land you the team member of your dreams.


Contact us today if you’re ready to gain access to the hidden job market of ideal candidates.

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