How to Find the Ideal Technology Transfer Job Candidate

If you work for a university or research institution, you know how difficult it can be to find the ideal candidate for your open position. Technology transfer is a niche with very distinct skills, and experience is of the utmost importance.

But how do you get your job in front of the right people?

The easiest way is by using a technology transfer recruiting company. They can help you draft an appealing job description, get your information out there, and dive into the hidden job market (those people who are not actively looking for a job but when approached are interested in hearing about the opportunity). A third-party recruiter can reach out to personnel at other universities without the political issues that face a tech transfer professional.


What Do I Need to Provide a Recruiter?

Since a recruiter is an employment matchmaker you’ll want to have open conversations about:

  • Your ideal technology transfer job candidate
  • Organizational culture
  • Salary and benefits
  • Job description and minimum qualifications

The more specific you can be on any of these, the more ideal a match the recruiter will be able to provide.


What Will a Recruiter Do for My Organization?

In addition to being a matchmaker, a recruiter is a partner in the hiring process. With his/her years of experience in the industry, the recruiter will give you some insight into your ideal candidate and what the likelihood is that you’ll find that person. He/she will give you suggestions on how to maximize the search for the best benefit and what similar qualities may be suitable for someone in the position.

An experienced recruiter understands the importance office culture plays in finding the ideal candidate and will market the position accordingly. Recruiters also help in the salary negotiation process and can provide you with insight into the candidate’s thoughts.

Working with a recruiter won’t cost your candidates anything and your organization’s costs are minimal compared to the salary of the position, the cost of vacancy, and the cost of your time in trying to find and narrow down the pool of eligible candidates. A recruiter not only introduces you to your next employee but saves you the time of all the administrative activities surrounding finding a new hire.

If you’d like to find out more about working with a recruiter for your technology transfer office, contact the Vortechs Group today at 614-899-6696.

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