How to Exceed Expectations in a Tech Transfer Interview

I’ve talked about what technology transfer offices are looking for before and I’ve addressed interview questions, but if you want to really blow the socks off of us first, then the table of interviewers at your dream research organization, here’s how you can do it.


Standing out from the Crowd: Acing the Tech Transfer Interview


Let Them See Numbers

The best research institutions are looking for proven and documented technology transfer portfolio management. Most technology transfer professionals will have that but often the details aren’t presented in a clear fashion. Technology transfer professionals must be good communicators, written and oral, so why not try something outside of the box to illustrate the kind of numbers you’ve managed? An infographic or other visual representation gets the job communicated quickly and easily without the formality of lengthy phrasing.


Work Examples into Conversation

Don’t wait for the set up question of “Give me an example when you…” Use examples of how you managed a diverse group of people or diffused a difficult situation, interspersed throughout your interview. However, make sure you use these mentions in context. You don’t want to look like you’re avoiding the question at hand because you have your own agenda. Remember you want to connect with those you’re meeting with, not distance yourself by trying to drive the interview.


Think of it All as an Interview

To be on top of your interview game, assume the interview starts the moment you leave your house that morning. Conduct yourself with the decorum and desire to build relationships with everyone you meet along the way, at the institution, and while waiting. If you’re rude to anyone along the way and it gets back to the interviewers, they won’t think you’re capable of building the bridges necessary in this role. Don’t risk your dream job because you were short with someone in the elevator who turns out to be a board member.  Enjoy your interview and all the people you meet that day. With a pleasant demeanor you can’t go wrong.


Attitude is a large part of this job. The interview is rarely about what’s on your resume. The skills listed got you the interview; from there it’s all about your ability to connect with people.

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