Find your next technology transfer department superstar.

Technology Transfer Hiring Ebook Cover

Are You Tired of:

  • Combing through resumes?
  • Placing your own job responsibilities on hold while you look through slush piles of CVs?
  • Hires that don’t work out?
  • Having empty positions that are taking too long to fill?
  • Your department goals being at risk because of unfilled positions?
  • Human Resources not fully understanding the specific needs of your tech transfer department?

If any of these challenges are currently hindering your department, download the free How to Hire a Technology Transfer Department Star e-book.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • The secrets to approaching passive job seekers and why your next superstar is probably in their ranks.
  • The true cost of an empty seat on your department and your ability to meet your goals.
  • How the “mirror effect” is hurting your recruitment efforts.
  • The most important things about hiring a recruiter, and much more.

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