Georgia Tech, Contracting Officer

Be a part of a dynamic team as a contracting officer at this well regarded, collaborative university.

Georgia Tech is a public university, that has been ranked by U.S. News and World Report among the country’s very best, every year, for nearly two decades. With diverse top-notch faculty and researchers dedicated to solving complex problems, Georgia Tech is at the forefront of some of the most interesting interdisciplinary research occurring today and they are looking for an experienced contracting officer.

The university aims at bringing together the best in education, government, industry and research for the most impactful application of the technology on society.


The Contracting Officer Position:

The Contracting Officer prepares, processes, submits, negotiates and administers assigned research grant and contract proposals and awards under federally-funded contracts including oversight of pre- and post-award activities and negotiations. The incumbent will provide contractual services and guidance to faculty and research staff including review, analysis and interpretation of new awards. This person also monitors grant and contract performance for this collaborative research-based University.


The Contracting Officer must have a thorough understanding of:

  • Proposal preparation, processing and submission
  • Regulatory compliance requirements and University policy
  • Terms and conditions related to contract awards
  • Certification process
  • Industry research contract administration principles and practices
  • Research policies

See the Contracting Officer Position Specification  for more details.


The Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Tech is located in cosmopolitan Atlanta, Georgia. According to CNN Money and Penske, for the fourth year in a row, Atlanta is THE city people are moving to — #1 in the US. It doesn’t take much to understand why:

  • Their housing market is strong.
  • It’s home to the country’s busiest airport.
  • It offers a delightful mix of history and modern amenities.
  • The city boasts fantastic food and cultural scenes.

With a number of corporate headquarters, and a strong mix of academia and government, this city has a diversified economy and lots of opportunity.


See more information about the Contracting Officer Position Specification

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