[Filled] Executive Director, Association of University Technology Managers

Overview and Reporting

The Executive Director reports to the President and, with the overall direction of the Board, is responsible for ensuring that AUTM serves the needs and interests of the membership as defined by its Mission and Goals.

The Executive Director manages AUTM’s interactions with the Sherwood Group and is responsible for ensuring the deliverables defined in the contract between AUTM and Sherwood are met.


The Executive Director functions in the following major activity areas of the organization: its operational/governance, outreach/advocacy and strategic developmental activities. The Executive Director’s primary purpose is one of enablement of the highest level of performance of the AUTM organization in these areas. The specific duties of the Executive Director encompass:

Outreach and Advocacy:

  • Advocate for the academic technology transfer profession by generating and creating a broad appreciation of the importance of technology transfer within the academic community and by all relevant stakeholders.
  • Work with staff to publicize activities, programs, products, and services in a manner which consistently presents a strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders and to develop and nurture mutually beneficial working relationships and partnerships with other organizations and stakeholders.
  • Represent AUTM in collaborations with other leading university related organizations such as AAU, COGR, AAMC, and APLU, with industry organizations such as Bio, as well as with key governmental agencies which create legislation and regulations that affect academic technology transfer.
  • Identify potential strategic partners such as foundations, federal agencies or other philanthropic groups that have the potential to serve as strategic partners and as a potential source of funds to further advance the profession.
  • In conjunction with appropriate VPs, establish and implement partnerships with organizations outside the US that will enhance the AUTM brand and the interests of AUTM’s members outside of the US.
  • Create and implement business development and branding/co-branding opportunities for AUTM.
  • Enhance AUTM’s visibility and role in Washington, D.C., and in state/province capitals of other countries with significant university-based research.
    • With the Board leadership and other officers as appropriate, develop AUTM’s public policy positions.  Working with the Office of the President, determine the most appropriate AUTM person to represent AUTM on these issues.

Strategic Development:

  • Facilitate performance assessment and strategic planning processes and ensure that the Association makes consistent, measurable, and timely progress in the achievement of the strategic plan.
  • Have primary responsibility to ensure all activities performed by the AUTM Board and its member volunteers are consistent with the Strategic Plan of AUTM approved by the Board of AUTM.
  • Enhance the membership experience and value for AUTM members; constantly seek new opportunities for membership growth and retention.
  • In close collaboration with the AUTM Board, assist in the development of technology transfer and commercialization programs outside of the US through professional development programs, advisory services, and consultations that are consistent with the AUTM strategic plan and approved by the Office of the President.


  • With the assistance of staff, ensure that the Board is kept fully informed on the condition of the Association and about any trends, events, or emerging issues of significance to the organization’s success.
  • Work with the AUTM President, Executive Committee of the Board and staff to continue improving Board function and to assure effective operations support.
  • With the assistance of staff, monitor committee activity and advise when appropriate.  Identify opportunities for coordination between committees and keep Board members apprised of challenging committee issues.
  • With the assistance of staff, provide advice to the Board regarding creation and implementation of policies and procedures.  Consult with legal counsel when needed.


Manage the relationship between AUTM and its staffing provider (Sherwood)to ensure effective performance against the strategic plan as measured by:

  • Member satisfaction;
  • Board, VP, Committee satisfaction; and
  • On-cost and on-time service delivery within the constraints of the contract with The Sherwood Group.
  • Provide inspired leadership to develop and nurture a dynamic organizational culture that embraces growth, accountability for results, operational efficiency, new ways of thinking, transparency, and integrity.
  • With the assistance of staff, ensure cross communication between committee leadership, committee member and volunteers and Sherwood staff so as to provide efficient operations and optimal production of programs and products for members.
  • Continually monitor Sherwood performance against deliverables as defined by their contract with AUTM to ensure appropriate efficiencies and maximize outputs.
  • Ensure staff understand and embrace AUTM’s goals and culture and work together to help the Association meet its goals.
  • Ensure that the Association maintains sound financial practices and that adequate funds are generated and available to carry out work and achieve the mission.
  • Analyze monthly financial statements and activities and make appropriate recommendations to ensure financial well-being.
    • Proactively make recommendations on changes to the operations that would positively impact the organization either functionally or financially.

Annual Objectives:

  • The Board will identify up to 5 specific projects of strategic importance consistent with the overall strategic plan to the Association which the Executive Director will have as areas of particular emphasis for that year, with associated performance metrics.


Salary Range: $150,000-200,000


To apply, send your cover letter, resume, and references to: glen@vortechsgroup.com by October 24th, 2014

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