Diverse Teams = Smarter, Better Teams

It has been scientifically proven that diversity makes us smarter, and diverse teams are more likely to succeed than teams made up of people who share similar traits. When we work with people who have different backgrounds and life experiences, our teams become more innovative and effective. By embracing diversity, your company will thrive and be at the forefront of the technology transfer field.

Two weeks ago, we talked about what happens when we don’t have diverse teams. So how does diversity make our teams better?

  1. New ideas: A diverse team means a free-flow of ideas, which is great for technology commercialization. More ideas leads to more research, which means more opportunities to license your technology. With many people bringing different ideas to your company, you will stay ahead of your competition.
  2. You will reach a wider audience: When the make-up of your team matches that of the larger population, you will be able to better meet the needs of everyone. You want your team to match that of the people you serve to create an environment where everyone is represented.
  3. You expand the expertise of your team: If everyone comes from the same background, has the same degree, the same experiences, your team may only be really good at one thing. You want a team that has expertise in several areas; the more you can recruit and retain individuals with expertise in different fields, the more likely you will stay at the forefront of new developments.

The Vortechs Group is committed to working with you to hire individuals that will add value and new perspectives to your technology commercialization department. Creating diverse teams of individuals with different life stories, different perspectives, and new ideas will help your company become a leading innovator in the world of technology transfer.


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