How to Become a Thought Leader and Why You Need to in Intellectual Property

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Some people roll their eyes at the ease with which you can become a thought leader these days and at times the status can seem devalued.  After all, everyone has an opinion and is expressing it. But thought leadership is more important to your career than you think.


5 Steps to Becoming a Thought Leader in Technology Transfer

First, technology transfer is filled with bright people but most of them aren’t that involved in publishing content. It’s a tight-knit group where people are familiar with one another at least by name. If you want to stand out, publishing your ideas is a way to do that. Becoming a thought leader is a lot easier in IP than it is in larger industries because people aren’t taking advantage of the tools out there. Here’s how you can make sure you do:


1.     Build Your Personal Brand

You need to decide what you will be known for. For instance, maybe you want to be a thought leader in tech transfer for life sciences, maybe you want to specify an interest in bio-medical expertise. Decide what you want to specialize in and add it to all of your social media profiles.


2.     Start Publishing

You can choose to start publishing in a variety of ways such as blogging on your own platform/website, hosting weekly live videos on Facebook, or posting to LinkedIn. The point is to do something consistently and provide valuable information to your audience.


3.     Work with Other Thought Leaders in the Industry

Next, reach out to established thought leaders in tech transfer. Ask if they wouldn’t mind allowing you to interview them on the trends surrounding intellectual property or some other topic of interest to your audience. By featuring a thought leader on your site, your audience will see you as connected to the thought leaders in your industry and begin to view you in the same way.


4.     Do Guest Blog Posts

As you build stronger relationships with industry insiders, offer to create guest blogs for them. This will expand your audience. If you work in academia, look for places in the corporate world and with start-ups to share your expertise as well.  Interviews and speaking engagements are also ways to gain exposure in the industry. Register with Help a Reporter Out so you can lend your expertise to the press as well.


5.     Share Your Thoughts

Now that you are growing your platform and have some people listening, share your theories on the industry, expand upon existing ones, or propose a solution to an industry problem in intellectual property.

These are just a few ways to get started as a thought leader. By reaching out and sharing your knowledge, you’ll find it’s easier to make professional connections and your personal brand and reputation will give you an advantage over those who are an unknown entity.


Bonus Branding:

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