AUTM Meeting Tips for New Attendees

Come See Us at AUTM 2016

I love AUTM meetings. They’re a great way to reconnect with old friends and meet some new ones. The annual meeting is coming up in a few days in sunny San Diego and the Vortechs Group is excited about going. If this is your first time here are a few suggestions:


Get on Social Media Now

Follow the #AUTM2016 hashtag and you can connect with people prior to heading to the meeting. Lots of people communicate on Twitter and Facebook because it’s easier to get in touch that way. There are also a lot of interesting conversations and concepts being bantered around by some very smart folks.

If you’re a social media veteran, make sure your profile pictures are up to date. You want people to be able to recognize you by them. It’s an easy conversation starter.


Bring Lot of Business Cards

This may seem like a no brainer tip but while most of us will bring cards, many of us leave them in our pockets, in items of clothing that are hanging in the hotel room. Not a good networking move. Stick your cards in your lanyard/name badge (or maybe an exhibitor will be giving away cellphone wallets. Snag one.) and carry them everywhere, then you’ll be assured you always have them.


Mingle and Put the Phone Down

This is really hard if you don’t know anyone, but where else will you find this mixture of tech transfer professionals? Never sit alone if you can help it and look up from your phone. If you are tempted to retreat to the security of your phone, scan the AUTM hashtag to join in a few virtual conversations.

Make conversation when you arrive early for a session. Don’t be tempted to sit by yourself and wait for the area to fill in. Sit at a table that’s already occupied or in a row with someone else. You’re in tech transfer. Your career depends on your ability to build relationships. Don’t let these golden opportunities pass you by because you’re watching cat videos on Facebook.

I hope I get a chance to meet, or reconnect with you, at AUTM. It’s a fantastic time and a great venue. Get excited. It’s almost here.


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