5 Things Technology Commercialization Recruiters Wished You Knew

At the Vortechs Group we match skilled technology commercialization professionals with top-notch research institutions. As technology commercialization recruiters, we work for the organizations and we want to find them the best candidate for their open positions, so we look beyond what’s listed on a resume.

Sometimes candidates are their own worst enemy, and they sabotage their ability to get hired. Here’s what we wish you knew:


Background Matters

While we are in the relationship-building business and stay in contact with candidates we place, we still look at your resume and background. Whether you’re someone we know well, or someone who’s just been introduced to us, we need to make sure you’ll be a good fit for our client. We want everyone to be satisfied and we pride ourselves on referrals. Neither will happen if we suggest a bad fit.


It’s Not Personal

We are people people and thus, we like people. We probably like you too. Even if you don’t ultimately get the job, it’s not personal. We could call you up next week with a better fit for your interests and skills.


When We Know, You Will

We try to be as responsive as possible. Bear in mind that we are speaking to clients who may have multiple decision levels to climb and sometimes what they want for a position is a moving target. As soon as we have valuable information, we pass it on to you. If you haven’t heard back from us, there is good reason.


A Little Lie Means Big Trouble

Never, under any circumstances misrepresent your background. Don’t pretend to be the Great and Powerful Oz. We’ll find out. It’s a small industry. Never assume anything on your resume is so trivial it doesn’t matter. We view untruths as icebergs. We always assume the misrepresentation has something larger underneath.


Patience is a Virtue

Be patient. It sounds like something a grandparent would say but it is true. Hiring the right person takes time and there are often multiple sign-offs required. Working in tech transfer is a team environment. Don’t give anyone a reason to believe you’re not a team player.

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