5 Phrases You Should Never Use in a Technology Commercialization Interview

If this isn’t your first job search, you probably have a very good idea what phrases to avoid. Yet some seasoned professionals get tripped up on the new push in transparency.

Are you making these critical mistakes in the technology commercialization interview?


5 Phrases to Avoid in a Technology Commercialization Interview

You can have an amazing resume, worked for top organizations, but if you say these things you may have just blown your chances on the job:


That Wasn’t My Job

Using this in any way to excuse not knowing something or not doing it at a previous employer will cause the interviewer to become concerned. What they hear when you say something like this is that you are unwilling to pitch in. Technology commercialization professionals wear a lot of hats. They don’t need someone who is going to draw lines in the sand and refuse to cross them based on job description.


No Room for Growth

Candidates often use this as the reason they left their last job and it is perfectly acceptable assuming you’ve been there a few years. This is not a good reason if you were only there a few months. Technology commercialization departments are looking for longevity and skills. It’s hard to pick those up if you’re job hopping.


I’m Really Nervous

In tech transfer you will meet a lot of people, most of whom will be very distinguished, intelligent, and business savvy. If a job interview makes you nervous, the interview team will begin to question your ability to represent the department with confidence.


It’s on My Resume

Hiring managers are busy people. They’re also looking at more than one candidate. Never answer an interview question with “It’s on my resume.” This immediately shuts down conversation; the exact opposite of what you should be doing.


I’m Really Kind of a Work on My Own Type of Person

While it’s good you recognize that you work well without supervision, saying this will make people wonder if you can work with people. If you can’t, technology commercialization probably isn’t the job for you.

A great resume alone won’t get you the job. In a technology commercialization interview, the hiring manager will be looking for excellent communication skills, relationship-building abilities, and other soft skills. Don’t give them cause to doubt those by using any of these phrases.


What would you add to this list?

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