3 Ways to Land the Best Technology Transfer Jobs

If you’ve always dreamed of working at one of the big research institutions or an innovative company on the cutting-edge of research that’s shaping the world and improving lives, you may have wondered what the natural career progression is and how you can get noticed and tapped for one of them. Here are a few ways to do that:


Getting to know someone, who knows someone is still a strong way to get a warm introduction but you must do it in a genuine fashion. People quickly catch on to others who are looking for a favor. Ask for help, and in turn offer to be helpful, and not just in a simple “if I can ever do anything for you, please let me know” way. Offer them sincere help in an area they could benefit or introduce them to someone they’ve been dying to meet.

Don’t make them ask, although it’s okay if they do. If you know they have an area of interest that you could help with, make the offer. It will create a memorable moment for them.

Work with a Technology Transfer Recruiter

Don’t send your resume in to just any recruiter. Do your research and find out who your organization of choice is working with. Make sure you’re asking about the technology transfer department specifically and not just the university, in general. TTOs often work with a recruiter who specializes in tech transfer, and not the general headhunter the rest of the organization does.

Attend University Events

If you’re located nearby your dream hiring organization, make it a point to research their technology transfer department and find out if they have public meet-and-greet events. Many do. Attend them and get to know who they are personally and as a culture. This will help ensure you are still interested in them and not just the idea of them.

If you’re far away, follow them virtually. Share their content on social media and take every opportunity to interact with them in a polite, interested way. Share your thoughts as well. If they have a blog, offer to guest post. One of the most important skills in a IP licensing professional is strong communication abilities. Show them what you have before there’s even an opportunity to work for them.

The best technology transfer jobs aren’t on Craig’s List. They’re hired through networking and technical recruiters who work with a strong group of candidates. To be considered for these positions you need to catch the eye of the right people. We hope these tips helped.

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