3 Reasons to Work with a Technology Transfer Job Recruiter

Whether you’re in charge of staffing a tech transfer department or you’re a technology transfer professional, working with a recruitment firm that specializes in technology transfer will make filling, or finding, a position much easier.


Why You Need to Work with a Tech Transfer Recruiter



Someone who specializes in technology transfer has connections in the industry and a knowledge of who’s looking for what at all times. This saves the job seeker and the employer time. In a niche market as tight as this one, not all jobs are openly posted. Some are filled quietly behind the scenes. Finding a recruiting firm that specializes in tech transfer can open doors and give you access to candidates you won’t find elsewhere.


Technology transfer departments require very specific skill sets and experience. A recruiting firm that specializes in filling these positions understands this and won’t waste your time with candidates who don’t have the right background to meet your needs.

If you’re a job candidate, a skilled technology transfer recruiter can work with you to find the ideal position for you without you needing to educate them on what you do and what you’re looking for. The recruiter can also suggest areas in which to increase your skills or play up your knowledge to become more attractive to a client or department.


Technology transfer is a close-knit niche. People working in the industry are familiar with one another. Reputation and relationships are everything. A recruiter who works solely in this area is one who’s building a career here. S/he’s not looking for a quick placement and buck. Recruiters operating in tech transfer want to see individuals flourish and employers thrive. Recruiting in this industry is much more about symbiotic, meaningful relationships for recruiter, employer, and employee. Recruiters in this niche are mastering the long-term connections, more so than recruiters operating in other industries with the “fill one and done” mentality.

If you’re looking for an exceptional professional to fill a spot on your technology transfer team, or you are an exceptional professional, you owe it to your career to work with a firm with extensive knowledge of the industry, one that has placed people in top research institutions again and again.


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