3 Reasons Why Your Tech Transfer Candidate Search Should Be Fluid

If you’ve ever stood on the top deck of an observation tower, you may feel a slight sway. It’s unnerving to people who are tentative around heights and their minds often exaggerate the amount of sway that is occurring. But just as that sway/give is necessary for the building or tower not to crack, your tech transfer candidate search should remain flexible and here’s why:

Today’s Department Is Not Tomorrow’s

You are compiling a job description based on what you need at this moment but even working with a top-notch recruiter, you’re probably two weeks away from face-to-face interviews with a candidate. Two weeks from now your department could be different. For instance, the day after you set up an interview with someone, your top talent could turn in his/her resignation. This may cause you to reevaluate what you need in that position and the soon to be vacated one.

You Don’t Know What You Like Until You See It

Sometimes you find a candidate who is amazing in every aspect – she possesses some skills you hadn’t even considered but will be assets – but she’s missing one thing you had originally listed as a must have. You need to be fluid enough in the process to recognize that you can train her in that skill because the rest of what she brings is outstanding. Don’t let yourself get stuck on one bullet point.

Sometimes You Just Can’t See It

As one of the top tech transfer recruiting firms in the industry, we often make suggestions based on the department culture, job requirements, and other extenuating circumstances. We may suggest speaking to someone you hadn’t considered. These candidates are often a good fit because we’re looking at your department from a different perspective.

When you’re searching for the ideal candidate, don’t get bogged down and tied to your original thoughts. Be open to possibilities. You might just learn to enjoy the sway.

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