3 Questions to Ask a Recruiting Firm Before Signing

The Vortechs Group exclusively places qualified tech transfer professionals. Our niche is our strength but that is not the case with all recruiters. If you’re considering using a recruiter for your department’s technology transfer staffing needs, ask the following questions before signing on the dotted line.


Have You Recruited in Tech Transfer Before?

If you have to repeat the question or explain what tech transfer is, move along to the next recruiter. The value of a recruiter comes in his or her connections. If you choose someone who doesn’t work in technology transfer, they likely are not connected to your ideal candidate. You want someone who understands the industry vernacular and knows the players. Going outside of the industry for a recruiter means you will be doing a lot of explaining as they won’t understand the particulars and nuances of the industry. You hire a recruiter to make your life easier, not to train someone who is not a permanent member of your staff.


How Many Candidates Do You Place a Year?

Technology transfer is a very specific search that requires attention to detail and access to candidates with extraordinary skill sets. It is not a cattle call. It is a precise search that takes time. If a recruiter comes in telling you they place hundreds of candidates a year, they will not have the attention to detail it requires to find your ideal match and fit for your team.


What Type of Candidate Screening Do You Do?

Even a recruiter who just went into business this morning, is going to have some type of screening in place for you. Often that screening means searching on LinkedIn with keywords you’ve provided them. This is not enough. Nor is posting to the site and merely waiting for the candidates to come to you.

In addition to gathering great prospects, a recruiter should screen them for you. Sophisticated recruiters match the candidate on more than job requirements. They’re looking for them to be an effective part of your team and addressing the culture fit as well. Look for a recruiter who can help you assess this.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a recruiting firm? What do you wish you had asked them? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

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