3 Advantages to Using Intellectual Property Consulting

There are occasions when a consultant fits your needs better than a full-time employee. At Vortechs Group we spend much of our time in permanent placement for technology transfer professionals, but a permanent solution is not always the best thing for the department. Here are a few reasons to go the route of intellectual property consulting:

You Have a Specific Need

Generalists are easy to come by, but when you have a very specific need in your tech transfer department, and that need is temporary – maybe negotiating a particular piece of intellectual property, which requires special attention or knowledge, or you want it to be shopped around by someone who has worked in a very specific niche – intellectual property consulting is the way to go.

Pay (Only) to Play

With consulting you can find someone with niche experience and have them represent you in an individual sale or agreement. It’s an easy way to bring extremely valuable knowledge to represent you without footing the bill on a permanent basis. You pay for your use of that person’s experience without making them a full-time employee.

You Can “Rent” Contacts

For someone to be successful in intellectual property consulting, they should’ve spent a good many years building up contacts. Many consultants specialize in niche areas.  Just like in the tip above of needing help in a particular area, a consultant with strong specialized contacts can be very valuable in some negotiations. Many of these people have vast experience and don’t come cheap. Using them on a consultative level can help you benefit from their contacts without breaking your budget.

If you think an intellectual property consultant would be a good fit for a specialized project you have coming up, the Vortechs Group can help. Contact us today and let us know what your needs are.

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