2019 Diversity by the Numbers

We had another successful year at the Vortechs Group placing quality candidates for our clients. Diversity is critical to the success of all companies, but especially tech transfer teams. Diversity in both people and ideas leads to stronger outcomes and more innovation (see this article from Forbes).

How does diversity in our teams lead to these better outcomes? For one, people with diverse backgrounds bring new perspectives. You cannot create change within your work culture if people are not presenting new ideas to consider. And in a field like tech transfer, innovative people are exactly what you need to keep your office on the front-end of new discoveries.

Second, diversity leads to better management when you consider how company decisions will impact all workers and the larger population. A diverse team is more closely aligned to the make-up of the general public, the people our patents and inventions will eventually serve. Leadership and managers who practice “inclusive decision making” will make decisions that ultimately benefit the entire company, instead of looking at just a subset of your company’s population. The study by Forbes on inclusive decision making found that inclusive teams make better decisions 87% of the time and delivered 60% better results. Teams that followed an inclusive decision making process also made decisions two times faster with half as many meetings.

The Vortechs Group is committed to providing our clients with a diverse slate of candidates who have exceptional experience in tech transfer. Here is the breakdown of gender and race of the candidates we placed in 2019. We continue to make qualified, diverse candidates a priority in our recruiting:

Female                             54%
Male                                  46%
Asian                                 15%
Black  15%
Latinx                         7%
White   63%

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